Oil for Development –
Lebanon 2007–2011


Cooperating institutions
Presidency of the Council of Ministers Ministry of Energy and Water

Goals and objectives
Assist the authorities of Lebanon to establish capacity for petroleum sector management, establish a legal framework and to plan and prepare for a licensing round.

Project period

Total budget
NOK 13.5 million

The project consists of the following main components:

  • Assistance with developing the legal framework
  • Assistance in data management
  • Assistance in planning a licensing round
  • Capacity building, including various seminars and workshops

Oil for Development:
Mr. Ivar Aarseth, iaa@norad.no

Cooperating institutions in Norway
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE )
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)


Country facts


Official Name
Lebanese Republic


Chief of state
President Michel Sulayman

Head of Government
Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Din al-Hariri

4 017 095 (2009 est.)

Petroleum sector, key figures
No oil or gas production (2009)

Organizati n of the sector
Ministry of Energy and Water


Brief history of the project

After initial contacts in October– November 2006, the project started with a fact-finding mission by Norad and Petrad to Lebanon in December 2006.

The political situation in Lebanon slowed down the progress of the project in 2007/2008. The project period has been extended to the end of 2011.


Activities in 2009

Focus was on assistance regarding development of the legal framework. Workshops with the Lebanese drafting team were held in Beirut in January and in Oslo in May 2009.

Personnel from Lebanon participated in Petrad’s eight-week programme on Petroleum Policy and Resource Management. Personnel from Lebanon also participated in the international Petroleum Tax Conference in Oslo in November 2009 and in the regional workshop on environmental management in Istanbul in January.


Key achievements in 2009

An almost complete draft Petroleum Law was submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Water.