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The South African petroleum sector policy and capacity building project, NPD‑PASA sub-programme


Cooperating institutions
Department of Minerals and Energy (DME )
Petroleum Agency South Africa (PASA)

Goals and objectives
Develop a dynamic and perpetual integrated energy plan and associated human capacity to promote reliable and consistent supply of liquid fuels to consumers.

The objectives of the NPD‑PASA sub-programme are to transform the core functions of the Petroleum Agency under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, to develop capacity to implement resource evaluation technologies for routine, on-going evaluation of South Africa’s petroleum resources, and to assure an effective extended continental shelf claim.

Project period

Total budget
Approximately NOK 3.5 million

Programme areas for NPD support to PASA include:

  • Transfer of relevant expertise to PASA
  • Assistance in mapping capacity and competence needs
  • Training assistance
  • Support regarding development of regulations and supervisory methodology
  • Support regarding data management
  • Continued support regarding the delineation of the continental shelf

Oil for Development:
Ms. Solveig Andresen,

Cooperating institutions in Norway
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE )
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)
Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)


Country facts


Official Name
Republic of South Africa

(Cape Town is the legislative centre and Bloemfontein the judicial centre)

Chief of state
President Jacob Zuma

Head of Government
President Jacob Zuma

49 052 489 (2009 est.)

Petroleum sector, key figures
Average oil production: 195 000 bbl/day (2008 est.)
Annual gas production: 3.25 bill m3 (2008 est.)

Orga nization of the sector
Ministry of Minerals and Energy

Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) Nigeria

Central Energy Fund (CEF) is the state holding company for:
Petroleum Agency South Africa (upstream regulator),
PetroSA (stateowned oil company),
iGas (state-owned company for natural gas),
Energy Development Corporation (state-owned company for renewables)
Regional Mining Offices (H&S)


Brief history of the project

The current project is a continuation of the energy cooperation between the Republic of South Africa and Norway, initiated in 1996.

A business plan was developed between the DME and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in 2006. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) and Petrad are assisting the NVE in implementing the business plan.

The cooperation programme consists of five sub-programmes. Four are managed by the NVE, while the NPD is responsible for the fifth, which is the cooperation programme with PASA. The NPD‑PASA programme is the only programme with substantial funding through OfD.


Activities in 2009

PASA personnel participated in Petrad’s eight-week programme on Petroleum Policy and Resource Management.

Facilitation of South Africa’s Extended Shelf Claim was supported.

Three workshops aimed at providing assistance to PASA to review and evaluate Petroleum Resources Offshore South Africa were arranged in Cape Town.

Resource assessments of all identified prospects and leads were reviewed together with the geologist responsible for each area. Prospect and lead resource assessment forms were checked for consistency in parameter setting, and resources summarized basin by basin and for the whole offshore area.


Key achievements in 2009

The resource assessment process is likely to have increased PASA’s knowledge and overview of South Africa’s offshore petroleum resource potential.