Support to the Petroleum Data Archive for Tanzania operated by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation


Cooperating institution
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

Goals and objectives
Increased social and economic growth in Tanzania through efficient and sustainable exploration and exploitation of petroleum resources.

Enhance the quality and capacity of the National Archive of Petroleum Data in the TPDC to transcribe, store and manage all relevant petroleum data needed by the upstream petroleum industry to operate efficiently in Tanzania.

Project period

Total budget
NOK 1.94 million

The programme consists of the following main components:

  • Quality control of the seismic tape archive
  • Upgrade equipment and facilities
  • Upgrade and training for the seismic archive location system
  • Enable in-house transcription from old to new media
  • Regional cooperation with Mozambique on transcription

Oil for Development:
Mr. Ivar Aarseth, iaa@norad.no

Cooperating institutions in Norway
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)


Country facts


Official Name
United Republic of Tanzania

Dares Salaam

Chief of state
President Jakaya Kikwete

Head of Government
Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda

41 048 532 (2009 est.)

Petroleum sector, key figures
No oil production (2009)
Annual gas production: 0.6 bill m3 (2008 est.)

Organization of the sector
Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania (MEM)
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) (has both the commercial and regulator role)


Brief history of the project

Norad previously supported the establishment of a Petroleum Data Archive at the TPDC in Dar es Salaam from 1985 to 1997 under the TAN051 project. At that time considerable resources were used to reformat Tanzanian petroleum data onto more modern storage media. The data project was part of a larger project, which also focused on supporting the commercialization of the Songo Songo gas project.

In 2008, an assessment of the possible use of the Mnazi Bay Gas was conducted. A training needs assessment for the Ministry of Water, Construction, Energy and Lands at Zanzibar was conducted.

The unresolved issue regarding whether oil and gas is a union matter or should be separated between mainland Tanganyika and Zanzibar has led to a standstill in training and capacity building support to Zanzibar.


Activities in 2009

In March, a delegation from the Energy and Minerals Committee of the Parliament visited Norway to learn about the main issues related to the development of the oil and gas sector. Main topics were organization, legal framework, revenue management systems and environmental considerations.

In November, Petrad assisted in arranging a seminar for members of the Parliament of Tanzania and a similar one for members of the House of Representatives of Zanzibar. This led to further discussions and planning of a seminar also for the Cabinet of Zanzibar. One person from Tanzania participated in Petrad’s eight-week programme on Petroleum Policy and Resource Management.

There have been discussions between the TPDC, the Embassy and Norad on possible support to Tanzania within the fields of:

  • Reorganization of the TPDC
  • Development of an exploration and production IT-system
  • Capacity building in oil & gas exploration & production operations monitoring and strengthening of academic skills in petroleum geosciences


Key achievements in 2009

The programme for establishing a Petroleum Data Archive for Tanzania was completed. The TPDC is now capable of managing the data archive in an efficient manner.