The Palestinian Territory


Capacity building –
Palestine 2007–2009


Cooperating institution
Palestinian Energy Authority (PEA)

Goals and objectives
Assist the authorities of the Palestinian Territory in establishing capacity for petroleum sector management, in particular with regard to development of the “Gaza Marine” project.

Project period
Due to the ongoing conflicts in the region during the last two years, very little has been performed within the programme

Total budget
NOK 1.5 million

The programme is aimed at competence building in the newly established Gas Directorate. The programme is expected to consist of the following main components:

  • Training in petroleum management
  • Assistance in establishing a contractual framework
  • Capacity building and assistance with regard to development plans

Oil for Development:
Mr. Ivar Aarseth,

Cooperating institutions in Norway
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)


Country facts


Official Name
Palestinian National Authority (transitional status)

Ramallah (Gaza City is the legislative centre)

Chief of state
President Mahmoud Abbas

Head of Government
Prime Minister Salam Fayyad

Approximately 4 000 000

Petroleum sector, key figures
No oil or gas production (2009)

Organization of the sector
Palestinian Energy Authority


Brief history of the project

On 14 April 2007, the Palestinian Authorities requested assistance from Norway in capacity building, technical assistance and advice in planning and preparing for a Palestinian petroleum sector.

A comprehensive energy sector review was issued by the World Bank in May 2007.

In mid-2007, the BG Group was negotiating gas sales of up to 2 bcm/ year to Israel from subsea development, via a pipeline to a terminal at Ashkelon (Israel). Due to lack of progress in the negotiations the BG Group in 2008 terminated the negotiations and closed its office in Israel. Since then nothing has happened regarding the commercial situation.

Participants from Norad, Petrad, the World Bank and International Petroleum Associates Norway (IPAN) conducted a fact-finding mission in August 2007 and had meetings with the Ministry of Finance, the Palestinian Energy Authority, the Prime Minister and other government institutions.

A three-day seminar on petroleum resource management was organized in December 2007 by Petrad, in cooperation with the PEA and the Representative Office of Norway to the Palestinian Authority.


Activities in 2009

Due to the conflict with Israel no activities took place.


Key achievements in 2009

No programme activities were carried out in 2009.