Development of management systems on health, safety and environment in the Vietnamese petroleum


Cooperating institution
Petrovietnam (PV) Goals and objectives Establish a sustainable and efficient management of health, safety and environment in the Vietnamese oil and gas industry, to minimize risk of personnel injury, major accidents and environmental damage.

Phase III aims at successful implementation of the Safety Management Regulation and accompanying guidelines; at enabling Petrovietnam to further develop, implement and continuously improve Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems after the end of the project period; and at enabling Petrovietnam employees to continuously build health, safety and environmental competence after the end of the project period.

Project period

Total budget
NOK 7.6 million

The programme consists of the following main components:

  • Implementation of Petrovietnam’s recently developed policy and corporate requirements for HSE management
  • Further development of Petrovietnam’s HSE corporate management systems, tools and practices, including its HSE objectives, strategies and plans
  • HSE training activities to support Petrovietnam’s system developments through competence and capacity building
  • Support the development of appropriate HSE management systems in Petrovietnam’s subsidiaries based on Petrovietnam’s corporate HSE management system
  • Development of emergency response management
  • Development of oil/hazardous waste management

Oil for Development:
Ms. Solveig Andresen,

Cooperating institutions in Norway
Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA)
Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif)
Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA)


Country facts


Official Name
Socialist Republic of Vietnam


Chief of state
President Nguyen Minh Triet

Head of Government
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung

86 576 758 (2009 est.)

Petroleum sector, key figures
Average oil production: 317 000 bbl/day (2008)
Annual gas production: 7.9 bill m3 (2008)

Organization of the sector
Petrovietnam (State owned oil and gas corporation)
Ministry of Industry and Trade (since 2007)
Department of Energy and Petroleum
Ministry of Planning and Investments
Prime Minister


Brief history of the project

Phase I and II : 1997–2006
In 1994, the Vietnamese government, represented by Petrovietnam (PV), contacted Norad with a request for cooperation and support on the development of safety and working environment management in the Vietnamese petroleum industry. A similar and parallel request was made in the area of environmental protection. In 1996, the agreement on “Assistance to the Development of Management Systems on Safety and Working Environment and Environmental Pollution Control in the Vietnamese Petroleum Industry” was signed. The agreement was supplemented by contracts between the PV, the NPD and the Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif, then SFT).

Phase I and II focused on two main issues: safety management and environmental management. From 2001, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) became a participant in the project, following the Norwegian government’s decision to transfer the responsibility for emergency and oilspill preparedness from Klif (then SFT) to the NCA.

Phase III
After successful completion and positive evaluation of phase I and II, a contract for phase III of the project was signed in 2008. In contrast to phase I and II , the activities on safety management and environmental management in phase III are fully integrated and contracted through one shared contract for all parties. Klif and the PSA are jointly responsible for delivering support to the PV according to the the contract. The NCA is to provide key contributions as a subcontractor to the PSA. The PSA coordinates the project on behalf of all Norwegian contributors.

The continued institutional collaboration builds on the achievements from the previous two phases.


Activities in 2009

A workshop was organized in Hanoi in June 2009 on HSE data reporting, including reporting systems for discharge and emission data from the operators, and storage, processing and usage of data. A seminar on HSE-management systems was held in Stavanger in September 2009

One person from Vietnam participated in Petrad’s eight-week programme on Petroleum Development and Operations.

The audit at PVN Gas in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau was carried out on 20–24 September 2009.

The third and fourth Steering Committee Meetings took place in Bergen on 25–26 June 2009 and in Vinh City on 18–19 November 2009, respectively.


Key achievements in 2009

In a Baseline Study conducted by Petrovietnam it was concluded that, largely as a result of the project, HSE principles are now well embedded among the organisation’s leadership at various levels, steering documentation and guidelines have to a large extent been developed, and the implementation of the steering documentation within HSE was by end 2009 assessed to be 30 percent completed.

 Vietnam. Photo: Ole Imsland

Vietnam. Photo: Ole Imsland