Blocks and production licences

  • Block 24/6 - production licence 088 BS, awarded 2003
  • Block 24/6 - production licence 203, awarded 1996
  • Block 25/4 - production licence 036 C, awarded 2003
  • Block 25/4 - production licence 203, awarded 1996

Development approval 06.10.2004 by the King in Council

Discovered 1998

On stream 08.06.2008

Operator Marathon Oil Norge AS


  • ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS 20.00 %
  • Lundin Norway AS 15.00 %
  • Marathon Oil Norge AS 65.00 %

Recoverable reserves

Original - Remaining as of 31.12.2011

  • 38.9 million Sm³ oil - 23.2 million Sm³ oil
  • 6.8 billion Sm³ gas - 5.3 billion Sm³ gas

Estimated production in 2012

  • Oil: 70 000 barrels/day
  • Gas: 0.57 billion Sm³

Expected investment from 2011 4.9 billion 2011 values

Total investment as of 31.12.2010 16.4 billion nominal values


Alvheim is an oil and gas field located in the middle part of the North Sea, west of Heimdal and near the border to the British sector. The field includes three discoveries, 24/6-2 (Kamelon), 24/6-4 (Boa) and 25/4-7 (Kneler). 24/6-4 (Boa) lies partly in the British sector. The water depth in the area is 120 – 130 metres. The field is developed with a production vessel, «Alvheim FPSO», and subsea wells. The oil is stabilised and stored in the production vessel. The fields Vilje and Volund are tied back to Alvheim.

The reservoir consists of high porosity, high permeability sandstones in the Heimdal Formation of Paleocene age. The sand was deposited as sub-marine fan deposits and lies at a depth of approximately 2 200 metres.

Recovery strategy:
Alvheim is produced by natural water drive from an active underlying aquifer.

The oil is exported by tankers. Processed rich gas is transported by pipeline from Alvheim to the Scottish Area Gas Evacuation (SAGE) pipeline system on the British continental shelf.

Alvheim is producing beyond expectations and there has been a gradual increase in the resources as a result of development drilling. A new development well is planned in 2012. The field can be an oil hub for new discoveries in the area.