FactPages and FactMaps - technical information

Mini upgrade of FactPages – autumn 2016

24.11.2016 A few additions are done in the upgrade deployed today. However, there are no changes breaking backwards compatibility on the existing table-views downloading data in CSV or XML.

FactPages - maintenance

22.11.2016 Maintenance of NPDs FactPages will be done Thursday 24th of November. The pages  might be  unstable or unavailable from 15.00 this day and potential rest of the day.

FactMaps - maintenance

09.11.2016 Maintenance of NPDs FactMaps and FactMaps-server Thursday 10th of November might lead to unstable or unavailable FactMaps clients and/or services.

New attribute for wellbores

26.10.2016 Data for the attribute “Kick-Off Point” is now available at “wellbore, table view, exploration or development and all-long list.”

News on NPDs FactMaps

24.10.2016 A new version of our FactMaps standard viewer, version 2.1, has been available through our FactPages since May.

Factpages release 2016 is now ready

02.05.2016 Factpages release 2016 is now ready for use. Take a look at the introduction video.

Work with 2016 upgrade of Factpages

25.04.2016 Because of the upgrade that was announced on April 4, the regularity of the Factpages will not be guaranteed after Thursday, April 28 at 16.00.

An 2016 upgrade of NPD's FactPages

04.04.2016 Based on internal requirements and external requests a new upgrade will be available 2nd of May 2016.


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