Privacy policy

How we gather information about visitors at


We collect normal visitor statistics for the website using cookies. We use this information to analyse how the website is used in order to improve and further develop the content. It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal information in connection with services such as receiving newsletters or enrollment on a course.

Examples of what web statistics tell us:

  • how many people visit each page
  • what pages are viewed
  • how long the visit lasts
  • where the visitors come from (geographical city/country)
  • which browser is used
  • what search words are used
  • We use the Google Analytics analysis tool for this purpose.

None of the information is used to identify individuals. The cookies and statistics are only used in connection with operation and further development of the website.


You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive an email from us when we publish news or other information on the website. In order for us to send emails to the correct subscriber, you must register your name and email address. This information is saved in a separate database.

The information about you is only used to send the newsletter. If you choose to unsubscribe, the information about you will be deleted.

Share/tip service

The sharing service can be used to share articles from the website. Information about sharing is not logged.

Personal information

Some pages on contain forms that are submitted directly via the website. Personal information gathered via such forms is only used in connection with processing submitted forms. They provide us with an overview of how many people have used the forms.