Privacy policy

How we gather information about visitors at


We collect normal visitor statistics for the website using cookies. We use this information to analyse how the website is used in order to improve and further develop the content. It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal information in connection with services such as receiving newsletters or enrollment on a course.

Examples of what web statistics tell us:

  • how many people visit each page
  • what pages are viewed
  • how long the visit lasts
  • where the visitors come from (geographical city/country)
  • which browser is used
  • what search words are used

We use the Google Analytics analysis tool for this purpose. None of the information is used to identify individuals. The cookies and statistics are only used in connection with operation and further development of the website.


You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive an email from us when we publish news or other information on the website. In order for us to send emails to the correct subscriber, you must register your email address. This information is saved in a separate database.

The information about you is only used to send the newsletter. If you choose to unsubscribe, the information about you will be deleted.

What is collected?

We only collect information that is necessary to fulfil the objective of the process.The following personal information is registered:
- Email address
- The news category you are subscribing to

Where is the information taken from?

The information is obtained from the persons being registered. We do not collect information from others than the person who has agreed to subscribe to newsletters. We do not store information for re-use.

When is the personal data deleted?

The personal data is deleted when it is no long necessary based on the purpose of the process, cf. Section 11 (1) (e) of the Personal Data Act.

"The party responsible for processing the data shall ensure that the personal data that is processed (…) e) is correct and up-to-date, and is not stored longer than necessary based on the objective of the processing, cf. Section 27 and Section 28."

The personal data is stored with us until your subscription is terminated. The personal data is then deleted.

What are my rights?

Your statutory rights will be safeguarded. This includes e.g.:
- The right to inspect your own personal data.
- The right to demand that we correct or delete deficient or incorrect information.

What is the basis for processing the data?

The legal basis for processing personal data is found in Section 8 (f) of the Personal Data Act.

"Personal data (…) can only be processed if the registered party has consented, or if it is stipulated by statute that such data can be processed, or such processing is necessary for (…)

f) that the party responsible for processing the data or third parties to which the information is provided can document a legitimate interest, and the consideration for the registered person’s privacy does not exceed such legitimate interest".

Who is responsible for processing the data?

This entails that the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is the party responsible for collecting personal data in connection with subscriptions to newsletters.


Personal information

Some pages on contain forms that are submitted directly via the website. Personal information gathered via such forms is only used in connection with processing submitted forms. They provide us with an overview of how many people have used the forms.

Data protection officer in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Since the NPD is a public authority, we have established a dedicated data protection officer for our activities. Our data protection officer is Gunnar Mån Østebø. Contact our data protection officer if you have questions regarding how the NPD handles personal information, specifically as regards personal information about you.