The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is a flexible expertise organisation. This is an alternative to more traditional hierarchal public administration.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is a fluid organisation. There are no sections or departments in the NPD, but about 80 teams with designated mandates and defined tasks.

Management functions rotate, and work communities are established and discontinued. There are about 230 employees joining and leaving teams; and they largely control how to distribute their time in the different teams themselves.

In recent years, the NPD has received additional tasks and more employees. In order to accommodate these changes, an additional management level was added in November 2014. Since then, there have three management levels in the NPD. The director general and four directors constitute the NPD’s strategic management group and twelve assistant directors make up the NPD’s operative management.

The NPD’s organisation is split into four main areas:

  • Exploration
  • Development and operations
  • Analysis and framework
  • Data management and organisation


Contact person:
Heidi Ersland Pedersen, tel. +47 51 87 62 81