Nomination of blocks for the 21st licensing round

On Thursday, November 5th, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy invited the oil companies to nominate blocks and/or combinations of blocks that they believe should be included in the 21st licensing round on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The deadline for submitting nominations is 12 noon, 13th January 2010.

The oil companies are invited to nominate blocks in areas that have been opened up to petroleum activities in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

Exceptions are:

  • Licensed areas.
  • Areas already subject to licences.
  • Areas included in the "predefined areas" (APA).
  • “Areas where no petroleum / new petroleum activity will be permitted” with reference to St. meld. no 8 (2005-2006) to the Storting "Integrated Management of the Marine Environment of the Barents Sea and the Sea Areas off the Lofoten Islands, the polar front, the ice edge, Bjørnøya, areas near the coast of Troms and Finnmark, Eggakanten, Nordland VI, Nordland VII and Troms II.
  • “Areas where no new blocks will be announced before the first update of the management plan (2014 at the latest)” with reference to St. meld. no 37 (2008-2009) to the Storting "Integrated Management of the Marine Environment of the Norwegian Sea, Mørebankene, Iverryggen and Froan/Sularevet.


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The nominated blocks should be divided into two categories - "interesting" and "very interesting".

The total number of nominated blocks should be limited to 15.

The plan is to announce the 21th licensing round before the summer of 2010.  Award of new production licenses is planned for the spring 2011.

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Contact in the NPD:

Inger Helene Madland, tel. +47 51 87 62 92

Dag Helliksen tel. +47 51 87 61 79