Awards in predefined areas 2005 (APA2005) - Announcement

In 2005 the predefined areas include blocks in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The areas in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea are expanded compared to APA2004.  Blocks in the predefined areas relinquished in the application period will automatically be included. The application deadline is 30th September 2005 at 1200 hrs and awards will be during December.

Invitation to apply for petroleum production licence

In the APA 2005 companies can submit applications for all blocks or parts of blocks within the predefined areas not licensed at the application deadline. Hence areas relinquished prior to September 30th are announced areas at the time of relinquishment. Updated maps showing these blocks are available at the NPD's Fact Maps. By using the link below an updated list of coordinates for the announced blocks is available.

The figure below shows maps of the predefined areas at the time of announcement.


Relevant links:

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Information for the application:
Guide to application for APA 2005.doc (MS Word 0,2 MB - updated 31.8.2005)
Guidelines to enclosures to application.doc (MS Word 0,07 MB)
Updated map with announced blocks (NPD Fact Maps)
Block Coordinates 
Brochure (Adobe Acrobat 1.8 MB)
table1applied blocks (MS Excel 0,1 MB)
table2 block summary  (MS Excel 0,09 MB)
table3  prospect info (MS Word 0,08 MB)
table4 technical and economical evaluation (MS Excel 0,3 MB)

Contacts in the NPD: 
May-Britt Vik: 51 87 64 27
Benvenutta Henriksen: 51 87 63 55