APA 2006: Award of 48 new licences

Tildeling i forhåndsdefinerte områder 2006 (TFO 2006) - utlysning1
All of the 33 companies that were offered production licences in APA 2006 have accepted the offers.

On Friday, 16 Februray 2007, the Government apporved the award of 48 new production licences on the Norwegian shelf. The awards are in the predefined areas (APA 2006).

The NPD factmap and Factpages have now been updated with the APA 2006-awards.

Go to Production Licences in the upper right corner of the fact pages, click on Alphabetic below.

The new production licences have been assigned numbers from 398 S to 439, plus 050 D, 211 B, 212 D, 316 B, 318 B, and 354 B.

Instead of clicking Alphabetic, you can selct By last changed date. The new licences are listed under 16 Februray 2007.

Contact in the NPD:
Eldbjørg Vaage Melberg, tel + 47 87 61 00.