Awards in predefined areas 2007 (APA 2007) - Announcement

APA 2007 comprises the predefined areas with blocks in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The areas in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea have not been expanded compared with APA 2006. However, 13 new blocks have been made available to the industry in the Barents Sea, the first new blocks there since APA 2004.

Invitation to apply for petroleum production licence

Blocks which are relinquished in the application period are included in the predefined area consecutively. The application deadline is 12:00 hrs on 28 September 2007. The awards will be made at the turn of the year 2007/2008.

In APA 2007, applications can be made for all blocks or parts of blocks in the predefined areas which are not already included in a license at the deadline date. This entails that acreage which is relinquished in the application period will be announced when relinquished. Updated maps of these blocks can be found on the NPD's interactive fact map. The link below leads to updated coordinates for the announced blocks.

The figure below shows a map of the predefined areas at the time of announcement.

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Information for the application

Guide to application for APA 2007
Guidelines to enclosures to application
Updated map with announced blocks (NPD Fact Maps)
Block coordinates
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