Awards in predefined areas 2011 (APA 2011) - announcement

Ministry of petroleum and energy has 11 March 2011 announced the APA 2011, comprising the predefined areas with blocks in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

Application deadline

The application deadline for APA 2011 is 12:00 hrs on Wednesday 14. September 2011. Awards are planned at the turn of the year 2011/2012.

Application area

The predefined areas (APA boxes) are extended with more blocks and parts of blocks since APA 2010. The new areas are in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Applications can be made for any blocks or parts of blocks within the predefined areas which are not already included in a license at the closing date for application. This entails that acreage which is relinquished in the application period is regarded as announced at the time of relinquishment. The acreage will consecutively be included in the predefined areas on NPD's interactive fact maps, see links below. Map showing available acreage within predefined areas at the time of announcement:



How to apply in APA 2011

Each company applying in APA 2011 shall submit the following to the authorities:

  1. Application letter from the company, including information about the company
  2. Application(s)

1.    Application letter and information about company

A formal application letter, listing all applications the company participates in, individually or as part of a group, shall be sent or delivered together with the company information in one copy to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and one copy to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate within the application deadline. Company information must be enclosed electronically on a CD/DVD.

See Guide 1 for content of application letter and Guide 2 regarding content of company information.

Application fee

An application fee of NOK 109 000 is due upon submission of each APA 2011 application, including applications for additional acreage. Payment shall be made to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, account No.: 7694.05.00326 and be marked ”APA2011_(block no.)”. Copy of receipt must be included in the company application letter.


Application for awards in APA 2011 shall be sent or delivered in one copy to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and two identical copies to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The application must be both electronic on CD/DVD and in paper copy. See Guide 3 regarding application content.


  1. Guide to Application letter from Company APA 2011
  2. Guide to Company Information APA 2011
  3. Guide to Application for Production Licence APA 2011


Tables to be included in application:

Other Information for the application

Data collection:

Contacts persons in NPD:

Janka Rom tel. +47 51 87 67 75 (coordinator)
Bernt Egeland tel. +47 51 87 61 85 (application)
Hogne Tungland tel. +47 51 87 63 79 (company information)