The NPD offers interactive maps with geographical data for the Norwegian continental shelf as well as map services for you to add in your own geographical information system (GIS).

Some maps are also offered as downloadable GIF or PDF files.


The NPD's FactMaps are closely integrated with the NPD's FactPages, and they are updated on a daily basis. The FactMaps contain information about wellbores, surveys, fields and discoveries, production licences, agreement-based areas,  permanent facilities and more.

The FactMaps are also avaliable as ESRI Map Service and WebMapService (WMS), which makes the FactMaps easy to use in your own GIS.

Map of the Norwegian continental shelf

The Norwegian continental shelf map provides an overview of the production licences on the Norwegian shelf. The map also shows all fields, discoveries and areas opened up for exploration.

Historical maps of the NCS

Here you can find maps dating back to 1965. All maps can be downloaded.

Two-way time map

A two-way time map covering the nonconformity under the respective Upper Jurassic stratigraphic sequence (north of 69°N) and the Cretaceous stratigraphic sequence (south of 69°N) with primary geological features from the mainland.