The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s interactive FactMaps contain information on wells, surveys, fields and discoveries, production licences, agreement-based areas, permanent facilities and more.

The FactMaps are closely integrated with the FactPages, and are also in use in the Oil Facts app and the website Norwegianpetroleum.no.

The FactMaps are offered as two editions, one Standard (HTML5) and one Advanced (Silverlight). The Advanced Edition gives you the opportunity to filter, query, add your own data or services, re-symbolize and more. For mobile devices we recommend the Standard Edition, a simpler viewer with query functionality.

FactMaps Standard Edition

The FactMaps can be used e.g. to create illustrative maps, but also embedment in your own services/web pages. The FactMaps search engine engine makes it easy to create links to the FactMaps from other internet or intranet pages, check out TIPS - FactMapsSearch.

FactMaps Services

The FactMaps are offered as following map services: ArcGIS REST API Map ServiceWeb Map Service (WMS) og Web Feature Service (WFS) according to ISO 19128:2005 (OGC:WMS, OGS:WFS). URL for WMS/WFS: http://gis.npd.no/ogc/factmaps/2_0. 

The services make it easy to include the content of the FactMaps in your own GIS tools. In addition we offer downloadable geographical data through ArcGIS REST Query (HTML, JSON, AMF and KMZ) and the NPD FactPages > Geographical Datasets.

Transition phase

The old FactMaps IMS service is now inoperative. The corresponding map service, refered to at http://npdwms.npd.no will as announced be phased out October 24th 2017. Version 2.0 of the Standard FactMaps will still be available here.


Please send an email to factweb@npd.no if you have problems, suggestions or other comments regarding the new FactMaps clients and/or services, or questions related to phasing out the old ones.