Facts 2005

The annual publication "Facts 2005" is now available from the NPD website. "Facts 2005" is a publication from both the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Topics for the publication are: The Norwegian resource management model, exploration activities, development and operations, disposal after operation cease and the gas management system. "Facts 2005" also describes the government petroleum revenues, environmental considerations in the Norwegian petroleum sector, petroleum resources and all the fields in production.


1 The petroleum sector - Norway´s largest industry
2 The Norwegian resource management model
3 Exploration activities
4 Development and operations
5 Disposal after operations cease
6 Gas Management System
7 Government petroleum revenues
8 Environmental considerations in the Norwegian petroleum sector
9 Petroleum Resources
10 Fields in production
11 Fields under development
12 Future developments
13 Pipelines and land facilities
14 Participants in production licences and fields
15 List of addresses - government bodies and licensees
16 Appendix