Martin Linge


Blocks and production licences

  • Block 29/6 - production licence 043, awarded 1976.
  • Block 29/6 - production licence 043 BS, awarded 2006.
  • Block 29/9 - production licence 040, awarded 1975.
  • Block 30/4 - production licence 043, awarded 1976.
  • Block 30/4 - production licence 043 BS, awarded 2006.
  • Block 30/7 - production licence 040, awarded 1975.

Development approval: 11.06.2012 by the Storting

Discovered: 1978

Operator: Total E&P Norge AS


  • Petoro AS 30.00 %
  • Statoil Petroleum AS 19.00 %
  • Total E&P Norge AS 51.00 %

Recoverable reserves


  • 6.0 million Sm³ oil
  • 19.7 billion Sm³ gas
  • 0.7 million tonnes NGL
  • 3.0 million Sm³ condensate

Expected investment from 2012: 23.9 billion 2012 values

Total investment as of 31.12.2011: 0.4 billion nominal values


Development: Martin Linge is located near the border to the British sector, about 42 kilometres west of Oseberg. The water depth in the area is 100 – 120 metres. Martin Linge will be developed with a fully integrated fixed production platform with an FSO for oil and condensate storage. The wells will be drilled by a mobile jack-up rig. The installation will be supplied with power from shore.

Reservoir: The main reservoir is structurally complex, and contains gas and condensate at high temperatures and pressure. There are three reservoirs in Middle Jurassic sandstones in the Brent Group at a depth of 3 700 – 4 400 metres. In addition, the field contains oil in the Frigg Formation of Eocene age at approximately 1 750 metres. The Frigg Formation has good reservoir quality.

Recovery strategy: The gas reservoir will be produced by pressure depletion, whereas the oil production from the Eocene reservoir will be supported by natural aquifer drive and gas lift. Produced water will be re-injected into a disposal reservoir.

Transport: Rich gas will be transported through a pipeline to the FUKA gas transport system on the UK sector, and oil and condensate will be exported via tankers from the FSO.

Status: Production is planned to start by the end of 2016.