Background data for some of the figures in Facts 2014

Figure Figure text Formate
1.6 Historical production of oil and gas, and prognosis for production in coming years PDF Excel
1.7 Historical investments (exploration costs not included) PDF Excel
4.1 Spudded exploration wells on the Norwegian continental shelf 1970–2013 PDF Excel
4.4 Exploration costs in North Sea production licences by size of company PDF Excel
4.5 Resource growth PDF Excel
4.7 Gross reserve growth, oil 1983–2013 PDF Excel
4.8 Distribution of oil resources and oil reserves in fields PDF Excel
4.9 Production development for Ekofisk, Varg, Oseberg and Ula PDF Excel
4.10 Lifetime for selected fields PDF Excel
4.17 Norwegian natural gas exports in 2013 by delivery point PDF Excel
4.19 CO2 emissions from the petroleum activities in 2012 by source PDF Excel
4.20 CO2 emissions from the Norwegian petroleum sector PDF Excel
4.21 NOx emissions from the petroleum activities PDF Excel
4.22 NmVOC emissions from the petroleum activities PDF Excel
4.23 Chemicals discharged from the Norwegian petroleum activities, by source, 2012 PDF Excel
4.24 Total discharge of chemicals from Norwegian petroleum activities PDF Excel
6.2 Production forecast for oil and gas PDF Excel