Norwegian Continental Shelf No. 1-2017

Just over two years have passed since work began on the Johan Sverdrup field. Constructing the platforms for the largest Norwegian offshore development in many years has come halfway.

This work is being pursed at 20 different sites worldwide, and we have visited a couple of them.

Read also about Tomas Mørch, the NPD staffer who has been monitoring the Snorre field for 25 years to ensure that large quantities of additional oil are recovered. A new plan for development and operation is due this autumn.

And read our interview with petroleum and energy minister Terje Søviknes. He wants to get people of the echo chamber.



Bente Nyland, director general
  More to gain >>
Bente Nyland, director general.
Petroleum and energy minister Terje Søviknes
  The interview >>
Petroleum and energy minister Terje Søviknes wants to change what he calls the “bad guy” image the industry has acquired.
Student optimism
  Student optimism >>
The downturn in applications for petroleum- related courses is flattening out as students take a brighter view of their prospects.
Hilde Anita Arntsen (left) and Renate Eikeland are part of the workforce at Aker Stord
  Halfway >>
The first development stage on Johan Sverdrup has reached its midpoint. Hilde Anita Arntsen (left) and Renate Eikeland are part of the workforce at Aker Stord, one of 20 fabrication sites for the platforms.
Hans Christen Rønnevik.
  Sub-surface >>
Johan Sverdrup was discovered with the aid of masses of existing geological data which were re-interpreted, says Hans Christen Rønnevik.
  Rockshot >>
The photo in this issue hails from Wilhelmøya – a remote area of Svalbard.
Tomas Mørch
  NPD profile >>
Pressure from the NPD has been crucial for getting out the extra resources in Snorre, says Tomas Mørch.
More resources
  More resources >>
Snorre Expansion will yield almost 190 million extra barrels of oil – making this one of Norway’s biggest improved recovery projects.
  Minerals >>
The search for metallic minerals in the world’s ocean depths is under way.
Immobile oil
  Immobile oil >>
A new study assesses methods which can help to recover large amounts of residual oil on the NCS.