Norwegian continental shelves

A stand resembling a classic Victorian library served to visualise the government’s knowledge bank at the ONS 2016 oil show. This concept hit it off both with visitors and the best stand jury.

Norwegian continental shelves

ONS 2016

The joint presentation by the NPD and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy was acclaimed by the judges as the finest among this year’s exhibits in the class larger than 50 square metres.

According to the award citation, using an old-fashioned library to illustrate the management of petroleum data and the transition from books to bytes was surprising and novel. It also praised the stand’s apt title: The Norwegian continental shelves.

Genuine books are essential for recreating such a setting, and the NPD was fortunately able to borrow 3 000 volumes from the Stavanger city library.

These were supplemented by a number of computer screens where visitors to the stand could call up information from the government’s databases.

The Norwegian authorities possess information from all petroleum activities on the NCS, which can be accessed from their databases and websites.

Most of these data are open to all. Both their scope and this openness are unique – also by comparison with other oil and gas producer nations.

Norwegian petroleum policy is based on knowledge. Good knowledge-based resource management benefits the whole country.

The government’s philosophy is therefore that companies who want to work on the NCS will compete not over information, but on the way they use the available data.