Norwegian Continental Shelf No. 2 - 2018

“The authorities should ensure that we also have stable framework conditions on the Norwegian Shelf in the future,” says Kristin Færøvik, chair of the board in the industry organisation Norwegian Oil and Gas. And she urges all her members: Continue to explore for oil and gas.

Also in this edition: Is the Norwegian petroleum industry particularly exposed to climate risk? Professor of petroleum economics, Petter Osmundsen, discusses the topic.

Readers can come along to ‘Lykkeland’, meet a geologist who is finding opportunities for capturing and storing CO2, and read the story of how reserves on Alvheim have more than doubled.



Bente Nyland, director general   Leader
Gas, of course
Kristin Færøvik, chair of the board of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.   The interview
“We must continue to explore. And we must have acreage to explore in,” says Kristin Færøvik, chair of the board of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.
Rockshot   Rockshot
Sulphide deposits have been found on the NCS. These minerals are important for your mobile phone.
Climate risk   Climate risk
Professor Petter Osmundsen, a specialist on petroleum economics, assesses the Norwegian oil and gas industry’s exposure to climate risk.
Lucky land   Lucky land
Norwegian TV series Lykkeland (State of Happiness) has reminded the country’s residents of the courageous decisions taken in Stavanger ahead of the oil adventure.
Carbon chaser   Carbon chaser
NPD geologist Eva Halland is investigating opportunities for storing huge quantities of CO2 deep beneath the seabed on the NCS.
The Geobank   Banking samples
The NPD’s rock store has been redesignated the Geobank because, as well as cores, it contains microfossils and frozen oil samples from virtually every discovery and field on the NCS.
Go for gas   Go for gas
Norway’s position as a gas exporter could be weakened unless the companies adopt a more aggressive approach to exploring for this resource.
Award winners   Award winners
The three companies which shared the NPD’s 2018 IOR prize for their work on the Alvheim field give the background for their ideas and mode of collaboration.