Facts sited

A fixture on many desks in and around the Norwegian oil industry is no more. The annual Facts publication has been replaced in a new and improved format by the www.norskpetroleum.no website.
  • Bjørn Rasen



Facts 2014 was the last in the printed series published by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) and the NPD to describe and provide factual information on the Norwegian petroleum sector.

The MPE and the NPD launched Oil facts in 2013 as an app for mobiles, with data from the purely factual section of the printed book. This is still available in versions for various phones.

On the new website, the content has been reorganised to tie descriptions and facts more closely together. Articles and facts are illustrated with photos, graphics and maps.

All information is accessible from any digital platform, and the content can be downloaded, printed out and shared by mail or on social media.

Provided in both Norwegian and English versions, www.norskpetroleum.no contains information on such aspects as:

  • —the significance of the petroleum sector for the Norwegian economy a description of current activities on the NCS
  • organisation of the petroleum sector
  • regulatory parameters throughout the industry life cycle, from opening new exploration acreage to field cessation
  • facts about fields, discoveries, companies, exploration activities, production and the resource base on the NCS
  • emissions/discharges, measures to reduce them and oil spill response
  • the supplies industry and the commitment to research and technology
  • explanations of terminology and an energy calculator.

Links to more detailed information are provided for each topic. As with Oil facts, part of the factual information will be synchronised on a daily basis with the NPD’s fact bases.

The new site is intended for a broad audience, and accordingly represents a supplement to the NPD’s own fact pages and maps. These are aimed to a greater extent at professional users.