Norwegian Continental Shelf No. 1-2016

Dark clouds have been hanging over the industry for quite some time. Months have turned into years, drastic cuts have been made, and the companies have implemented a number of measures.

A lot of this is about more efficient and more reasonable wells.

We have talked to a few players about how they are facing the challenges.


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Bente Nyland, director general.

Time of change >>
Bente Nyland, director general.

Jan Norheim, managing director of BP Norge
Valhall >>
One of the most complex fields in the North Sea will soon have yielded a billion barrels of oil equivalent. Developing Valhall has cost much sweat and tears, particularly during the oil slump.
Astri Fritsen, NPD
Cheerleader >>
Geologist Astri Fritsen is among the NPD staffers who follow up fields. She makes demands on the companies, but cheering them on is equally important.
New drill
New drill >>
The biggest player on the NCS is looking for ways to cut drilling costs and boost efficiency. The alternative is not to drill.

Fishermen get the plot >>
Information from the NPD on seismic surveys is now being distributed through the BarentsWatch service directly to chart plotters on fishing vessels.

Arctic Ocean
The interview >>
The world is thirsting to know more about the Arctic Ocean. But few in Norway share this interest. Geophysics professor Yngve Kristoffersen is one of the exceptions. He and a colleague spent a year acquiring seismic data on the ice cap.
Green deal
Green deal >>
The Paris agreement was a stroke of genius in getting all the nations to commit, says Eirik Wærness at Statoil.
Sunniva Rose
Stick with it >>
Sunniva Rose, blogger and doctoral research fellow in nuclear physics, wants to inspire others to study science.
Black beach Rockshot >>
Black beach
Øyvind Kvalnes, professor in the department of leadership and organisational behaviour at the BI Norwegian Business School
Motivation >>
Many people feel guilty about keeping their jobs. Productivity can thereby be hit, warns philosopher Øyvind Kvalnes.
Forceful >>
Despite industry cutbacks, the Force forum is encouraging the development of expertise and technology.
Deepsea >>
Oljedirektoratet fortsetter innsamlingen av geologiske prøver og dyphavsmineraler i Norskehavet.
New look for Facts website >>
A revamped design has been launched for