Fishermen get the plot

Information from the NPD on seismic surveys is now being distributed through the BarentsWatch service directly to chart plotters on fishing vessels.

| Bjørn Rasen

Launched in January, this FiskInfo service represents a collaboration between BarentsWatch and the NPD, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Coast Guard.

NPD data on the location of subsea installations and on current and planned survey work now go straight to fishermen. They can subscribe to the service and get daily updates.

Information from other providers shows the position of the marginal ice zone and where fishing gear has been set out. The list of chart layers available for download will eventually be expanded in line with user demand.

BarentsWatch, a monitoring and information system for much of the world's northern seas, also aims to ensure that the service is useful for other vessel types and maritime-related users. These will therefore be involved over time.

FiskInfo provides the oil and fishing industries with a common information base where users can, for example, obtain an overview of seismic surveys.

That in turn allows them to identify and avoid possible conflicts of interest when planning and conducting fishing. Oil companies can be similarly informed in the other direction.

The NPD is one of the partners in BarentsWatch (see www.barentswatch), which is backed by 10 government ministries and 26 administrative agencies and research institutes.


Testing the FiskInfo service on the Arctic Swan trawler.

Useful tool.
Testing the FiskInfo service on the Arctic Swan trawler.
(Photo: BarentsWatch)