Chasing the residue

Force aims to squeeze more out of the NCS.

(Illustration: Anette Moi)

IllustrationTwo enhanced oil recovery (EOR) seminars organised by the Force collaboration have allowed petroleum engineers to share experience from field projects as well as ideas and new knowledge.

The EOR competence-building workshop during November was followed by a one-day meeting on late life – max recovery later the same month. Both took place in Stavanger.

No less than 44 companies working on the NCS belong to Force, which stands for the forum for reservoir characterisation, reservoir engineering and exploration technology cooperation. With the NPD as its secretariat, this collaboration wants to strengthen expertise on EOR and build a professional network across the companies represented. See

Experience from the foamassisted water alternating gas and silicate field pilot on Snorre in the North Sea was presented at the first seminar. Speakers included research director Arne Skage from the University of Bergen and Tore Blaker from Statoil.

The second meeting built on a Force network which focuses on maximising recovery from mature NCS fields. It discussed where remaining oil is to be found, and which methods are needed to get out these reserves.

“We regard EOR as a very important issue,” says Arne Holhjem, director of technology and the environment at the NPD. “We must collaborate better both with the industry and with research bodies to get it implemented on the NCS.

“Good discussions and exchange of knowledge through such seminars are important for optimum oil recovery from both mature fields and new developments.”