Where fractions really count

The NPD’s metering team can celebrate its 40th anniversary this autumn, having conducted its first formal inspection on the Ekofisk field’s temporary Gulftide platform in October 1973.

Inspection tour at the Dornum gas terminal in Germany 
Inspection tour at the Dornum gas terminal in Germany.
(Photo: Emile Ashley)


All oil and gas output on and exports from the NCS are metered for the amount produced, the amount sold and the volume of gas yielding carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

These measurements form the basis for oil company revenues – and for the government’s collection of income and environmental taxes.

The team’s five members inspect installations offshore and terminals on land to ensure that their metering stations are within the tolerances prescribed by the regulations.

Small errors in such equipment can represent a great deal of money, and the NPD monitors 64 facilities spread between 14 operators of both Norwegian and shared fields.

These include seven satellites tied back to installations with other owners on the UK and Danish continental shelves, and 12 land-based plants in Norway, the UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

The metering team is the driving force for national expertise development under the auspices of the Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement (NFOGM).

In addition, the NPD was one of the founders of the North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop (NSFMW), which began in 1993 with 50 participants and now regularly attracts 350 people.