Building stone by stone

Our last issue took a look back at Norway’s oil past, 50 years after the first licensing round on the NCS. We now look at the story of safety in this sector, where trust between employees, employers and government has been a red thread.

Illustrasjon: Roar Hagen

< Key figures from the history of oil city Stavanger. Former law-of-the-sea minister Jens Evensen (1), former Statoil CEOs Arve Johnsen (2), Harald Norvik (9) and Helge Lund (10), first Norwegian petroleum and energy minister Bjartmar Gjerde (3), former mayor Arne Rettedal (7), and former top NPD staffers Fredrik Hagemann (8), Gunnar Berge (5) and Farouk Al-Kasim (6) – while 19th century novelist Alexander Kielland (4) looms in the background.
(Illustration: Roar Hagen)


The cost of carelessness has proved very high. Many people remember the Alexander L Kielland accident from 1980, and even more recall the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico during 2010.

At a time of big cost cuts, everyone agrees that savings cannot be made at the expense of work on safety. We ask how much is good enough.

Another article brings together father and son Eldar and Aslak Myhre – the first a former union colossus from the Kværner group and the other now head of the National Library of Norway.

These two high-profile figures share their thoughts about the developments they have participated in since Stavanger left the canning business to enter the oil age. They talk a lot about the significance of the Rosenberg shipyard and Norwegian mentality.


Norwegian Continental Shelf no.2-2015

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