-Second to none

Russian Lukoil is one of the latest newcomers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The international oil giant is clear about its opinion of Diskos: Second to none.

Egil Bergsager, senior adviser in Lukoil.

“Lukoil’s international experts were very impressed with the vast data volumes Diskos allowed them to access,” says Egil Bergsager, senior adviser in Lukoil.
(Photo: Emile Ashley).


Lukoil Overseas North Shelf was established in Norway in April 2012 after Norway and Russia reached agreement on the demarcation line in the Barents Sea two years previous. Lukoil decided to join in the previous licensing round (22nd), where it received partnership in two licences in the Barents Sea.

One (PL 708 – 7130/4,7) is located in the eastern part of the Finnmark platform, not too far from the demarcation line, and Lundin Norway is the operator (40 per cent), while Lukoil, North Energy and Edison each have 20 per cent. The goal is to start drilling in November of this year. The other block (PL 719 – 7321/8,9) is located more centrally in the so-called Fingerdypet and is operated by Centrica (50 per cent), with Lukoil (30 per cent) and North Energy (20 per cent) as partners. A decision has not yet been made on drilling here.

The newcomer in the north is quite a force to be reckoned with. With approx. 20 billion barrels in oil reserves, Lukoil is one of the world’s largest publically listed oil companies, among the so-called IOC. Lukoil Overseas North Shelf has offices in Oslo with 21 employees. The office is managed by Leonid Surguchev, who started working for Rogaland Research in 1990 and has lived in Norway since. He held a central position in Rogaland Research, later IRIS, until he became CEO of Lukoil Overseas North Shelf.

“Lukoil believed that the other companies, with years of experience in interpretation and geology in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea, were miles ahead here. We have more equal footing in the Barents Sea, which we are currently focusing on, we have more equal footing, while we can also use our experience from the Russian sector. The Norwegian part of the formerly disputed area in the Barents Sea corresponds to approx. two-thirds of the Norwegian part of the North Sea. Lukoil is optimistic with regard to the opportunities for commercial oil discoveries,” says senior adviser Egil Bergsager in Lukoil Overseas North Shelf.

“Like all other major oil companies, Lukoil has designated international expert environments which the subsidiary in Norway takes advantage of when preparing applications for the licensing rounds. Many of these experts, who live in Moscow and Dubai among other places, had their first encounter with Diskos in connection with preparing for the 22nd round on the Norwegian Shelf. Oil administration varies from country to country, with advantages and disadvantages. In Norway, our experts were very impressed with the vast data volumes which Diskos allowed them to access, and how it easy it was to find exactly what they were looking for. The Lukoil experts’ verdict was clear: Diskos is Second to None. This may sound a little like bragging, but the conclusion comes from people with extensive international experience, who know what they’re talking about,” says Bergsager, who is one of the veterans in Norwegian oil activities.

Lukoil Overseas North Shelf AS considers Diskos an important collaboration between the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the oil companies and the IT industry. The result is innovation and development that strengthens the Norwegian Shelf within resource management and safety and also gives players support for investments.

“Diskos is our most important tool when it comes to obtaining up-to-date information as a basis for the activity on the Norwegian Shelf. It provides efficient access to all types of seismic and well data from the entire Shelf and helps us with quicker interpretation, and to make better decisions. The experts use the information from Diskos in old and new projects efficiently and confidently and thus avoid additional costs related to unreliable or homemade ad hoc solutions. For us, the result becomes streamlined project planning and decision-making processes. Diskos helps us control the flow of data, so it doesn’t overwhelm us,” says senior adviser Egil Bergsager.

Lukoil Overseas is among the 40 companies that have submitted proposals for blocks they want to have included in the 23rd licensing round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The nominations cover 160 blocks, 140 of which are located in the Barents Sea.