Compiled CO2 atlas for the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has identified possible CO2 storage sites on the Norwegian shelf, and published a complete, updated version of earlier atlases.  


Preface >

1. Introduction >

2. Petroleum activity on the NCS >

3. Methodology >

4. The Norwegian North Sea >

5. The Norwegian Sea >

6. The Barents Sea >

7. Summary. Storage capacities of the NCS >

8. Storage options with EOR >

9. Monitoring >

References >

The figures in the CO2 Storage Atlas can be downloaded in pdf-format by clicking on the figure in the text. You will also find all the figures in pdf- and png-format here:

The content of the CO2 storage atlas can be copied and used free of charge as long as all materials are marked with their date, reference and link to their source. This information must appear prominently.