The petroleum related development cooperation between Norway and Mozambique started in 1983 after a request forwarded by the State Secretariat for Coal and Hydrocarbons (SECH) in 1980. When the National Petroleum Institute (Instituto Nacional do Petroleo, INP) was formed in 2005, it became the main partner on the Mozambican side for the Norwegian cooperation. The cooperation involves personnel from the NPD and Other Norwegian institutions, as well as international and local consultants. In 2009, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) entered into an agreement concerning capacity building in MICOA.




Legal and regulatory framework

Proposals for minor improvements to the Petroleum Law and the Petroleum Regulation were drafted, assisted by Simonsen law firm. A legal workshop was organized in Maputo in December. Issues concerning shale gas and coal bed methane are now included in the law. The proposal is planned to be presented to the Parliament in November 2011.

A final draft of the environmental regulations to the petroleum sector was completed and approved by the Government of Mozambique. A workshop on this issue was organized in Oslo. Cooperation issues between MICOA and the INP were discussed. The internal procedures for efficient and timely regulatory work by the INP were updated.


Policy and strategy development

The commission on the Continental Shelf Extension led by the Institute of Maritime and Border Affairs submitted the final claim to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in May. The INP has been instrumental in doing the technical work and in financing data collection under this programme. Support has been provided by the NPD, partly financed by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

A scenario planning workshop was organized in Maputo with assistance from Gas Oracle. A report on scenario planning was developed.


Monitoring and Supervision

In December, a metering audit was conducted by the INP with assistance from the NPD both in the field and in Secunda, South Africa.

The INP also conducted a safety audit on the Anadarko offshore drilling operations in August assisted by the PSA. The results from the audit were positive. Anadarko presented a comprehensive safety management system, whereby only minor findings were reported. To prepare for the audit, a drilling workshop was organized in Maputo in June.

The NPD provided support to ongoing drilling supervision and development planning. 


Promotion of exploration acreage

The INP, in cooperation with Petroleum Geo Services (PGS), concluded the promotion of the 4th licensing round.


Negotiation and licensing

The negotiations for the 4th licensing round were assisted by Simonsen law firm in 2010. The NPD and PSA supported the INP in assessing the applications.


Assessment of petroleum resource and data management

Contract strategy for collection of seismic data for sale to the industry was discussed by the INP and the NPD. The INP participated in a resource classification workshop in Geneva and was briefed for the meeting during their visit to the NPD. Further resource classification work will be prioritized in 2011 after the completion of the last licensing round. The NPD is assisting.


Petroleum data management

The INP and NPD continued the work on data modelling. A workshop on production data was organized. INP personnel also participated in Magma/Minima training in the UK.


Institutional strengthening and administration

Two Master programmes were completed by INP staff (in Norway and the Netherlands) and significant technical training was also conducted in Brazil. As part of the two-year capacity building and institutional support programme with the ENH, technical advisory and management support in addition to legal and financial consultancy was provided. In 2010, a five-year strategic plan for the ENH was finalized, an enterprise resource planning system was implemented and a balanced scorecard system to measure performance was established.


Environmental management

Based on the agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MICOA concerning capacity building needs, the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, the Climate and Pollution Agency and the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management and MICOA agreed on the thematic content of future collaboration efforts within environmental management.



A workshop on good governance and corruption prevention in the petroleum sector was organized in Maputo, Mozambique, for the Portuguese speaking OfD partner countries. The workshop gathered 51 representatives from civil society, the private sector and public authorities. 29 percent were women.




A final draft of the environmental regulations for the petroleum sector was completed and approved by the Government of Mozambique.

The technical assistance provided to the INP enhanced their ability to monitor the petroleum operations. INP conducted a metering audit both in the field and in Secunda, South Africa, as well as a safety audit on the Anadarko offshore drilling operations with assistance from the NPD and PSA.

Support provided to the ENH led to improved management systems and routines.