Energy sector cooperation between Nigeria and Norway started to evolve in 1999. In February 2000, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the petroleum sector and associated environmental activities was signed. In February 2001, it was decided to continue the cooperation along two main lines: one related to local content and industrial cooperation, and one related to institutional cooperation. On the Norwegian side, the NPD was asked to be responsible for institutional cooperation. In October 2003, Norad decided to support the cooperation.

Over the last years, a process of restructuring in the petroleum industry has taken place in the country. The cooperation with the DPR has to a certain degree been influenced by this process and some of the planned activities were delayed.

The programme was originally scheduled to be concluded in 2007. Due to the postponement of several activities and unused funds from the original grant, project implementation was prolonged and instead terminated at the end of 2009.



After the MoU between Norway and Nigeria expired in February 2010, a review of the first phase of cooperation was carried out. The report concluded that OfD had provided valuable support to Nigeria and recommended further cooperation between the NPD and the DPR. Several Nigerian requests for a possible continuation of the cooperation into a second phase were identified, among Others related to the environmental agenda of the petroleum sector.

Given that the agreement had ended late 2009, no institutional cooperation activities were carried out in 2010.

Activities carried out in 2010 were thus limited to the support of two NGOs working in the Niger Delta on environmental issues, and capacity building at the civil society level linked to petroleum activities in the Niger Delta. In addition, OfD supported a training centre with the aim of promoting the local content agenda in Lagos.



The OfD involvement in Nigeria was in a transition stage. The main focus was on evaluation of work completed and on identifying opportunities for a possible continuation of the cooperation.


Photo: Fredrik Naumann

 Photo: Fredrik Naumann