Cambodia has received petroleum related assistance from Norway since 1995, initially via the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP). The Cambodian National Petroleum Authority (CNPA) has been the prime cooperating institution after its establishment in 1998. In February 2004, the CNPA submitted a formal request for assistance to Cambodia’s petroleum sector.

An agreement between Norad and the CNPA was signed in December 2005. The contract between the CNPA and the NPD for technical cooperation was signed in June 2006, and the contract for the legal work was established with the Norwegian law firm Wikborg Rein. A resident project coordinator was appointed in December 2006.

In December 2010, OfD made the decision to refrain from starting new programmes in Cambodia for the time being. The target date for production start in 2012 necessitates focused attention on short-term activities rather than longterm capacity building within the CNPA. To this end, hands-on practical training for CNPA staff and representatives from the Ministry of Finance will be provided through on-going UNDP and World Bank programmes, partly funded by OfD.



The improved framework developed in 2009 for cooperation between the main development partners (The World Bank, UNDP and the Asian Development Bank) was implemented with quarterly meetings with and without the participation of CNPA throughout the year. As part of the joint assessment, a set of progress indicators was developed.

Actual assistance to CNPA continued on a very limited and ad-hoc basis during 2010.

Direct support to the UNDP for the project “Fuelling Poverty Reduction with Oil and Gas Revenues” continued through 2010, and will be further extended through 2011. Beneficial on-going consultations have been maintained, strengthening the partnership. Two policy briefs were issued, examining Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Mainstreaming in the extractive industries, respectively.

Financial support to the World Bank Project “Strengthening Sector Operational Financial Management” was formalized through the Norway – World Bank “Petroleum Governance Initiative”. The project was successfully completed in July, and consultations about continued support are on-going.

The agreed programme was completed early in 2010. It was followed by shortterm support activities and considerations for a future role for OfD in Cambodia. The latter entailed regular meetings with CNPA management and with representatives from civil society throughout the year, as well as close coordination with Norad’s development partners in the Cambodian extractive industries sector, the World Bank, UNDP and the Asian Development Bank. Institutional progress in the CNPA and in Cambodia at large was monitored, and the impact of donor support reviewed. To this end, OfD maintained a small team of legal and technical experts with solid experience from Cambodia throughout 2010. No new activities are planned for 2011.



The OfD programme in Cambodia was completed in 2010.