The Resource Report 2009

Exploration activity has reached record-breaking levels in the last couple of years, which has led to many, but small, discoveries. The NPD believes that large discoveries can still be made in areas of the shelf that have not been extensively explored.



1 Challenges on the Norwegian continental shelf

2 Value creation in fields

  • 40 years of oil and gas production
  • Resource management
  • Still many possibilities
  • Energy consumption and the environment

3 Exploration

  • Access to acreage
  • Awards of new licenses
  • Exploration in frontier areas
  • Exploration history and statistics

4 Resources and forecasts

  • Undiscovered resources
  • Proven recoverable resources
  • Forecasts 
  • Short-term petroleum production forecast (2009-2013)
  • Investments- and operating costs forecasts
  • Long-term forecast for the petroleum production
  • Emissions from the petroleum activity

Coversion tables