The Resource Report 2011

This resource report provides a survey of petroleum resources on the NCS.

It describes and analyses facts which provide an important foundation for continued knowledge-based and predictable administration of these resources.

In the NPD’s view, the remaining resources can lay the basis for substantial production and value creation over many decades to come.



Preface >>

1. Status and challenges on the NCS >>

  • Resource account
  • Unconventional oil and gas resources
  • Future oil and gas production
  • Challenges for producing fields
  • Discoveries
  • Undiscovered resources
  • Curbing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Technology and talent
  • Exploration and new areas

2. Undiscovered resources >>

  • How undiscovered resources are calculated
  • The NPD’s project database
  • Play analysis
  • Changes to and reductions in estimated undiscovered resources
  • Unconventional petroleum resources

3. Exploration >>

  • Many wells
  • Increased exploration
  • Every little helps
  • Varied discovery success
  • Sub-basalt in the Norwegian Sea
  • High exploration costs
  • Profitable exploration
  • Unopened areas – mostly in the far north

4. From discovery to field >>

  • Resource base
  • Small discoveries
  • Location
  • Development solutions
  • Profitability of discoveries
  • Things may take time
  • Area perspective

5. Opportunities and challenges for producing fields >>

  • Development of production
  • Remaining reserves and resources in fields
  • Target for reserve growth
  • Existing technology
  • Water and gas injection
  • Drilling and wells
  • Infrastructure challenges
  • New methods and technology
  • Challenges for pilot projects
  • Long-term thinking and creativity

Conversion tables (pdf)