Petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf 2013

The biggest change in the Norwegian petroleum industry since 2011 is a higher level of optimism than has been evident on the NCS for a long time.

Exploration on the NCS since activity began almost 50 years ago is reviewed in the report.

In addition, it presents the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s estimates of undiscovered resources on the NCS and the results of the mapping of Barents Sea South-East and the continental shelf around Jan Mayen.


Sissel Eriksen   Preface >>
Chapter 1 1 Introduction and summary >>
Chapter 2 2 Exploration activity and results >>
Chapter 3 3 The players >>
Chapter 4 4 Undiscovered resources >>
Chapter 5 5 Exploration history and resource growth >>
Chapter 6 6 Barents Sea South-East >>
Chapter 7 7 Jan Mayen >>