Registration in and transcripts from the Petroleum Register

Starting 1 February 2013 it will be possible to access and take transcripts from the Petroleum Register via the FactPages.

The Petroleum Register contains documents that establish, change, transfer, mortgage, recognise or terminate a right to a production licence or a share in such a licence, cf. Section 3-1 of the Regulations relating to the Petroleum Register.

The Petroleum Register is a register comprising all production licences, cf. the Act of 29 November 1996 No. 72 relating to petroleum activities (the Petroleum Act) section 3-3, and licences to install and operate facilities for transportation and utilization of petroleum, cf. the Petroleum Act section 4-3. Provisions regarding the Petroleum Register are incorporated in the Petroleum Act chapter 6, "Registration and mortgaging", and in a separate regulation, Regulation relating to the Petroleum Register, laid down by Royal Decree 19 June 1997 (the Petroleum Register Regulation).

Licensees shall submit written notification to the Registrar regarding changes in the licence as further specified in the Petroleum Register Regulation section 2-3. Some of the changes are listed below, as there are certain conditions that must be taken into account when submitting required documentation.

The Petroleum Register Regulation chapter 4 regulates the procedure for registration in the Petroleum Register, and which documents the licensees are required to submit. Furthermore, the Public Registration Act chapters 2 and 3 will apply where appropriate, hereunder section 17 regarding notification of signatures:

“Section 17: If a deed or mortgage document not issued by a public authority shall be entered into the Land Register, the signature must be verified in accordance with the regulations issued by the Ministry. It shall be expressly verified that the signature is duly signed, or acknowledged by and in the signing person’s presence, including verification that the issuer is over 18 years of age."

Processing time

Section 4-2 of the Petroleum Register Regulations stipulates that documents received by the NPD by 12:00 hours shall be registered on the same day. Documents submitted after 12:00 hours shall be registered the next workday. The time of registration determines the document's priority, which has a parallel in the keeping of log books pursuant to the Land Registration Act.

Registration in the Petroleum Register will take place within the framework of Section 7(3) of the Land Registration Act, which stipulates that the document shall be finally registered in the relevant land registry (here the Petroleum Register) within two weeks after the first registration (logging date). In this context, one will verify (confer) to ensure that the conditions for registration are present. Case processing time in the NPD will normally be three to six working days. Other deadlines may be agreed with the Petroleum Register in exceptional cases.


The following documents shall be submitted:

a) Transfer (Petroleum Register Regulation section 2-3, letter f); transfer document (deed) with certified copy, certificate of incorporation of the seller and consent decisions from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF). Documentation for approval from the MoF does not apply in the circumstances set out in “Regulations for consent to transfer of licence and transfer of interest under the Petroleum Tax Act section 10”, cf. regulation of 1 July 2009, no. 956 with later amendments. In these cases, a copy of the document sent to the MoF pursuant to aforementioned regulation section 1, no. 1, letter b) shall be submitted to the Petroleum Register. The person or persons signing the deed on behalf of the seller must be authorized to sign, and confirmed in the certificate of incorporation. Power of attorney is not sufficient. The signature/signatures on the deed must, as stated, be certified according to the rules of the Public Registration Act, section 17. If the person or persons authorized for signature designate another to sign, the authorization must be verified according to the procedure as set forth in the Public Registration Act section 17.

b) Mortgaging (Petroleum Register section 2-3, letter e); mortgage bond with certified copy, certificate of incorporation for mortgagor (licensee group or individual licensee), consent from the MPE and receipt confirming paid fee, cf. Petroleum Register Regulation section 4-3. For signatures, the same rules as for transfer apply. Regarding content of mortgage bond, refer to Petroleum Register section 3-4.

c) Transport of mortgage bond (Petroleum Register section 2-3, letter e); transfer of original document with certified copy, permission from the MPE to transfer mortgage, certificate of incorporation of transferee. For signatures, the same rules as for transfer apply.

d) Change of company name (Petroleum Register section 2-3, letter b); certificate of incorporation confirming the new company name.

e) Surrender (Petroleum Register section 2-3, letter d); approval from the MPE and notification (letter) confirming that surrender of the production licence is requested. The notification must be signed by two persons.

Access to and transcripts from the Petroleum Register via the NPD’s FactPages

From the start page of the FactPages, there are two shortcuts to the Petroleum Register:

  1. Production licences point to "Licence" > "Page view" > "Petroleum register". Additional data for downloading and a comprehensive overview can be found under "Licence" > "Table view" > "Petroleum register".
  2. Permits for facilities for transport point to  "TUF" > "Page view" > "Petroleum Register". Additional data for downloading and a comprehensive overview can be found under "TUF" > "Table view" > "Petroleum register".


For transcripts from the Petroleum register, use "Download/Export" > "PDF".

For a certified transcript with a stamp from the NPD, use "Show link". Send an e-mail to with "Certified transcript from the Petroleum Register" in the subject field. Paste the URL from "Show link" and type the name of the licence and the mailing address to which the transcript should be sent. There is a fee of NOK 324 per transcript.


Data is entered in the Petroleum register on an on-going basis, and is uploaded daily to the FactPages. In the case of obvious errors in the Petroleum register, the licensees are encouraged to contact the NPD as quickly as possible.

Petroleum Register versus other parts of the FactPages

The Petroleum register is maintained as a separate register in the NPD, but overlaps in some instances with information on the FactPages, e.g. licensees under "Licence" > "Page view" and "TUF" > "Owners". For historical reasons and for backward compatibility, information that overlaps will exist paralleled, and will not be removed from the FactPages.