Transfer of responsibility of geodata storage

When a license is abandoned or a part of a license area is relinquished, the licensee shall submit all main geotechnical material that originate from the area that has been abandoned or relinquished, that has never previously been submitted to the authorities.

Prior to abandonment or relinquishment the licensee shall submit an overview regarding geotechnical material, where it is stored, together with information regarding the format in which the data are stored:

Form for reporting - Overview of all geotechnical material if a licence is abandonned or relinquished (S-5) 

If the licensee's rights to the data has been transferred to others, this shall be communicated to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on the appropriate form, if the transfer of the duty to store the data pursuant to the petroleum act section 10-4 and the regulations to the petoleum act section 55 is deemed to be fulfilled:

Form for reporting transfer of responsibility of data storage (S-4)