Drilling reporting to the authorities (DDRS)

Daily report of all drilling acitivity to Norwegian Petroleum Directorate Petroleum (NPD) and the Safety Authority Norway (PSA).

All operator companies drilling wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf shall submit a daily report to the authorities (ref Resource management regulations § 18).

In 2008 a XML standard  for reporting these data was adopted. The standard builds on an work done by Norwegian and foreign oilcompanies together with Energistics, NPD and PSA. EPIM has in Norway been a coordinator to implement the new standard.

From 26.02.2015 a new webpage and a new webservice shall be used. See PSA site for more information.

Contact persons in the NPD:
Drilling: Jan Stenløkk (+4751876756)
Dataformat: Hans Stokka (+4751876295)

Topics: Wells