Manual for fishery experts on board seismic survey vessels on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

This manual has been issued by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate with assistance from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. The manual is aimed at fishery experts on board vessels conducting seismic surveys to identify petroleum resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.



  • Introduction
  • 1. Scope of authority
    - The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
    - The Directorate of Fisheries
    - The Norwegian Coast Guard
    - The cooperation agreement between the Directorate of Fisheries, the Coast Guard and the  Norwegian  Petroleum Directorate
    - The fishery expert’s general contact with the Coast Guard
    - Notification plan for incidents and situations that may arise on the field
  • 2. Brief description of regulations and routines for survey activities
    - Summary of relevant regulations
    - Petroleum exploration
    - Notification of seismic survey
    - Other activities that may comprise seismic surveys
  • 3. The role of the fishery expert, etc.
  • 4. Format and submission of fishery expert log
    - Format
    - Standard front page
    - Summary
    - Log from the mission
    - Statistics form – supplementary log form
  • Appendices
    - Relevant contacts for the fishery expert
    - Standard front page
    - Mission log
    - Statistics – Supplementary form for the fishery expert’s log keeping
    - Instructions for seismic data acquisition on the NPD website
    - Terms and expressions frequently used on board seismic vessels
    - Comments and extracts from relevant acts and regulations
    - Comments to the petroleum regulations
    - Comments to the fishery regulations
    - Comments to the coast guard regulations


Seismic Vessel

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

November 2010

Topics: Seismic