3. The role of the fishery expert, etc.


Section 5 of the Resource Management Regulations defines the role of the fishery expert as follows:

” Fishery experts shall act in an advisory capacity for the survey within their area of expertise and said experts must be assured of an unrestricted and independent position. The duty as fishery expert shall be carried out in an objective and impartial manner with respect to the contractor company and the fishery interests.”

This entails that the role of fishery expert cannot be combined with other positions on board, nor can the fishery expert be otherwise employed by the shipping company.

The fishery expert has a duty to keep himself informed of any ongoing or expected fishing activities in the area. This also applies to fixed fishing gear. Furthermore, the fishery expert shall ensure efficient communication between the parties on the field, as well as optimal compliance with the specific terms and conditions that apply to the performance of the assignment.

Through his role, the fishery expert shall help establish an understanding between the industries and promote good coexistence in the ocean regions. The fishery expert shall be objective in his dealings with all parties.


Kick-off meeting with the operator

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and IAGC have established guidelines for its members. The guidelines recommend that the fishery expert participates in the kick-off meeting for each survey.


Documents that should be available on board the seismic vessel

Exploration or production licence for the relevant area

Relevant acts and regulations such as the Petroleum Act, the Petroleum Regulations, the Resource Management Regulations, and the Marine Resources Act.

Letter (recommendation) from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate concerning the current survey.

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