This manual has been issued by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate with assistance from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. The manual is aimed at fishery experts on board vessels conducting seismic surveys to identify petroleum resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The manual should also be used by fishery experts participating in scientific surveys and various types of track surveys and other subsurface surveys involving seismic data acquisition.

The manual sets guidelines for how fishery experts should perform their role and provides information about scope of authority, statutory requirements and the relevant permits and licences. Important addresses and telephone numbers have also been included. Furthermore, the manual contains a standard for the fishery expert’s log-keeping.

Information relating to fishing tools and equipment used in Norwegian waters has been prepared by the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries.

 The fishery expert plays a major role in actively ensuring that the petroleum industry and the fishing industry carry out their offshore activities in good coexistence. The fishery expert has an advisory function and shall offer professional independent advice on fishery-related matters.

The manual must be brought on all seismic surveys.


Topics: Seismic