Overview of seismic data on the Norwegian shelf

The summary shows all seismic surveys acquired on the Norwegian shelf up to 10 March. It shows surveys that have released data sets, as well as surveys with data sets that may be released in the future.

Data is released in accordance with Section 85 of the Petroleum Regulations, which deals with case processing and duty of confidentiality.

The summary is divided into two categories: market available and not market available surveys.

Data from market available surveys is released after ten years, while data from not market available surveys is released after two years (data owned by licensees in production licences) or five years (data owned by companies).

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) determines which data sets under the individual surveys can be released.

The summary also shows the estimated date and year for release of the original processing of the respective survey, which may change if the NPD subsequently curtails or extends the period of confidentiality, or if the regulations are changed.

Only usage rights accompany the released data sets. The operator of the respective survey is still the owner of the data.

Seismic data can be obtained from the DISKOS database with CGG.

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