PDO and PIO Guidelines

There is a new version of the guidelines for the Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) and Plan for Installation and Operation (PIO) documents.

The guidelines have been updated based on experience gained from using these guides, changes to the regulations (Nature Diversity Act and Ocean Energy Act), the Petroleum White Paper and as an initiative to strengthen the authorities’ follow-up of development projects.

The objective of the guidelines is to provide advice on how a PDO or PIO can be prepared to fulfil the authorities’ requirements and contribute to efficient interaction between licensee/developer and the authorities.

Emphasis has been placed on explaining the procedure and terms, as well as what a licensee or developer must deliver at milestones before the PDO or PIO, in addition to what the actual plan should contain.

Particular emphasis has been placed on ensuring early involvement of the authorities when projects are planned, as well as to highlight the licensee’s or developer’s responsibility for contributing to quality assurance of development projects.

Experience transfer is considered important, as well as coordination between different licensee groups.

In addition to the requirement that the plan must lay the foundation for good project implementation in the development phase, the authorities are concerned with ensuring that the plan safeguards factors related to recovery and cost-efficient operations.

It is also worth noting that the foundation for an efficient process for cessation and disposal of facilities is laid during the development phase.

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