The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) shall contribute to creating the greatest possible values for the Norwegian society through prudent management of the oil and gas resources – and based on high standards for safety, emergency preparedness and the environment. The NPD will highlight and communicate the link between environmental issues and resource issues.

More water than oil on the shelf

The Norwegian shelf currently produces more water than oil. The water must not be released into the ocean until any harmful substances have been removed.

Securing the marine environment for the future

Norway controls maritime zones that are six times larger than its land area. To ensure sustainable management of the sea, the Government has drawn up comprehensive, ecosystem-based management plans...

Significant gas resources go up in smoke

Gas worth billions of Norwegian kroner is burned each year in connection with oil production. This is because there are no good systems in place to handle the gas that often accompanies wellstreams.

Contributing facts to the Climate Cure

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is one of the participants in the Government's Climate Cure 2020 project. Its role is to supply a factual basis for a number of potential measures designed...


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