Geologists interpret seismic and well data in order to understand the structure and formation of the complex Norwegian continental shelf. In order to prove and recover the oil and gas resources, the geologists must map traps that could contain hydrocarbons, and estimate the size of discoveries. The NPD's geologists also follow up the geological evaluations made by the companies.

Seven mysteries in Norwegian geology

Science develops as long as there are mysteries that keep some researchers engaged. Fridtjof Riis, senior geologist at the NPD, describes seven of these mysteries.

Structure elements in the Norwegian Continental Shelf

This dataset contains the main structural elements of the Norwegian shelf and adjacent areas. The data is compiled by the NPD and is based on the officially approved structural elements.

Found ichthyosaurus from the Triassic Age on Svalbard

During geological field work for the NPD on Svalbard during the summer of 2007, the geologists found a well-preserved small ichthyosaurus skeleton.

Size of Norwegian continental shelf to the north clarified

The UN Commission on the limits of the Continental Shelf has submitted its final recommendation for the limits on the Norwegian continental shelf to the north. This means that the size of the seabe...


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