North Sea - Upper Jurassic plays


North Sea - Upper Jurassic plays   Map Map





Group/ Formation

Viking Group with Heather, Krossfjord, Fensfjord and Sognefjord Formations

Viking Group with intra Draupne and intra Heather Formations

Vestland Group with Ula Formation, Tyne Group with Eldfisk and Farsund Formations, Viking Group with intra Draupne, intra Heather and Brae Formations


Bajocian - Barriasian?

Oxfordian - Barriasian


Sogn Graben, Horda Platform, Stord Basin, northern part of Viking Graben and Øygarden Fault Complex

Tampen Spur, Sogn Graben and northern part of Viking Graben

Central Graben and southern part of Viking Graben

Reservoir rock


Depositional environment

Marginal to shallow marine and deep water


Stratigraphic and structural, rotated fault blocks

Source rock

The main source rock is Upper Jurassic shale (Draupne and Mandal Formations). The oil discovery 2/2-5 (NJU-3) is sourced from an unknown, possible Pre Triassic source rock 

Critical factors

Migration to the eastern part of the play

Presence of reservoir and seal

Presence of reservoir

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