Production licences

A production licence is a concession which grants exclusive rights to conduct exploration drilling and production of oil and gas within a delimited area on the Shelf. The ordinary licensing rounds, which include frontier parts of the Shelf, are normally held every other year. The Awards in Predefined Areas (APA), which comprise the mature parts of the Shelf, are announced every year.



Here you will find information about pre-qualification of players on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Status report requirement (relinquishment report)

The NPD has issued guidelines for status reports (also known as relinquishment reports) in connection with surrender, lapse or expiry of a production licence.

SMIL web portal

SMIL (SMart Interactive Licence administration) is designed to improve communication, reporting and application processes between the companies and the NPD/MPE.

Work commitments

Following award, the production licence generally remains in effect for an initial period (exploration period) of between four and eight years, with a binding work programme in several time-limited...

Production licence – licence to explore, discover and produce

The seabed off the Norwegian coast still hides significant volumes of oil and gas, and many companies want in on the feast. The production licence is their admission ticket.