The work process

Below is a brief description of the process utilised to pre-qualify new players.  The process for re-qualifying a player will differ somewhat.

1. The player contacts the the Exploration Section of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) and confirms a wish to become a licensee or operator.

2. The MPE initiates the evaluation process.  The NPD is formally instructed by the MPE and the PSA is formally instructed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion (MLSI) to start the process for the company in question.  The Player Qualification Team is the correct point of contact in the NPD and the PSA.

3. The player and the NPD/PSA agree on a date for a kick-off meeting in the NPD's and PSA's offices.
The player shall give a brief presentation of its activities, expertise and plans for the Norwegian shelf in the kick-off meeting between the player and the NPD/PSA.  The NPD/PSA will provide detailed information on the evaluation process, and the parties will together agree on the continued process (schedule, meeting times and locations). 

4. Evaluation meeting(s) in the player's offices with presentations by the player and verifications of the player's systems and capacities.  Normal duration of such meetings is 1-2 days.

5. If the player is seeking qualification as an operator, a verification on one of the company's facilities will be required.  Normal duration of such a verification is one day.  If this is not possible, alternatives will be clarified in connection with the kick-off meeting.

6. The NPD and the PSA will each carry out an evaluation of the player and report separately to the MPE and the MLSI respectively.
The NPD and the PSA will use the following evaluation form when evaluating new players :

  Evaluation form (MS Word 0,06 MB)

7. The MPE will give a joint response to the player based on the MLSI's recommendations/conclusions as regards HES and the NPD's recommendations as regards resource management.  The MPE itself will conduct an assessment of the player's financial position.

In certain cases, consideration may be given to pre-qualifying players based on a mandatory plan for improvement.  In such cases the companies must document within a specified deadline that the requirements stipulated for improvements will be met before final pre-qualification can take place.

This scheme will only apply in those cases where the player largely meets the expertise, capacity and financial requirements, but has certain areas where it is assumed that the player will be able to meet the authorities requirements shortly. Shortly normally means approximately six months.

Consents, permits, etc. pursuant to applicable regulations are required in order to commence activity on the Norwegian shelf.  Pre-qualification as a licensee/operator does not automatically entail such consents/permits.