Storage and use of CO2

Norway has extensive experience with storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) under the seabed on the continental shelf. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is working on issues related to the capture, transport and storage of CO2. We are mapping areas suited for long-term and safe storage and are also assessing the use of CO2 to enhance oil recovery.

Exploitation permit - announcement

On 5 July 2018, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy announced acreage for permits for exploitation of a subsea reservoir for injection and storage of CO 2 (exploitation permit).

Oil recovery in reverse

The world is on the hunt for opportunities to get rid of the problematic CO2 gas. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has shown it is possible to store vast volumes on the Norwegian shelf.

New compiled atlas of potential CO2 stores

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) is completing the mapping of potential CO2 stores on the Norwegian shelf by publishing a compiled, revised edition of the previously published atlases.

CO2 storage atlas of the southern Barents Sea

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has completed the mapping of possible CO 2 storage sites on the Norwegian shelf, and will publish an atlas of the southern part of the Barents Sea today.

Shooting for the Moon

Carbon dioxide (CO2) must be captured and stored to keep the world from overheating. Work is now under way in western Norway to make this technology cheaper and more efficient.

Potential CO2 storage mapped in the Norwegian Sea

The Norwegian Sea may be able to store 5.5 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide, according to the NPD’s new storage atlas. This is more than 100 times Norway’s total CO2 discharge last year.

Clean-up candidate

The coal-fired power station at the Longyearbyen mining settlement in Norway’s Svalbard islands is being seen as a possible location for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Plenty of scope for offshore carbon storage

The Norwegian sector of the North Sea could accommodate as much as 70 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to a storage atlas for this greenhouse gas produced by the NPD.

Great potential for North Sea CO2 storage

An atlas describing possible subsurface storage locations for carbon dioxide in the Norwegian part of the North Sea will be submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy today.

Myths and facts about CO2 storage

The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) can be captured, transported and injected into storage areas where it will not leak out and harm the environment. Geologist Ine Gjeldvik of the Norwegian...

Interaktiv CO2 atlas

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